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Fluffy Clouds





Pronouns: she/they
Adjectives: vibrant, clever, anatomical

Hi, I’m Andrea aka AY. I grew up on Dance Mix '93, know all the words to Shoop, and love a good bodysuit.


I initially set out to teach classes to help support my client’s recovery process outside of my massage clinic and soon found that it was the outlet I was looking for as well. 


It’s here that I get to be my truest self: a mover, a shaker, a coach, and a friend. I love love love movement and how it can transform your feelings about your day, your situation and yourself.


At the same time, I believe so strongly in the power of community and the sense of belonging that comes from supporting one another.


Go ahead, get high on yourself.

You are your own antidote, babe!


Transparency statement:

I am a white, English speaking, able bodied person.  My gender identity is fluid and I use she and they pronouns.  I have lived with debilitating chronic pain for extended periods of time in my life and also have a hypermobility disorder called Ehlers-Danlos. Throughout my life I have engaged in and am actively healing from exercise addiction and disordered eating. 

I am acutely aware of the disparity that exists within the movement and wellness industry. It is here that I hope to carve out a beautiful corner for all of us who want to see ourselves reflected in that industry.

It is my promise to keep these classes free of diet culture, body shaming, fatphobia, trans/homo/biphobia, racism, and cultural appropriation.


And within that promise is the constant and intentional effort to learn, adapt, and change while actively engaging in decolonization work.

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